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Viva Plast production site

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"VIAS" Ltd., Shumen, opened the first factory in PVC manufacture in North Bulgaria. The company is a 100% private. The enterprise was built within six months with the cooperation of Austrian designers and engineers.

The VIVA Plast profile, manufactured by "VIAS" Ltd., has been developed, constructed and tested with the assistance of a team of Engineers from the Rosenheim institute in Germany.

We are pioneers in Bulgaria in using the most advanced matrices with special coating - the so-called "POWER TOOLS".

VIAS personnel had successfully completed their training at Greiner Extrusionstechnik Institution. The implementation, launching and control of the company are being carried out by Austrian Engineers team.

The system meets the requirements of EN12608, developed by the European Committee to set norms on PVC Door and Window Systems. The profile is being manufactured by equipment of the leading companies in this area - GREINER EXTRUSION and Krauss Maffei.

The process is fully automated and the quality is guaranteed by quality control, implemented by GETU software, specially developed at the Institute of GREINER EXTRUSION.

The surface of VIVA Plast three and four chamber systems have the highest class of gloss and light-absorption capacity. High-quality lead-free materials ensure an environmentally safe profile that meets the requirements of the environment standards.

VIVAPLAST profiles always retain their structure, smooth surface, radiance and color, even when exposed to climatic variable drastic amplitude /humidity, average monthly temperatures above 35 ° C and under -10 ° C, varying air pressure, acid rain.

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