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VIAS Ltd. - Official importer of ROMB hardware.

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Dear framework Manufacturers, since 2010, VIAS Ltd. has acquired the status of official importer of ROMB constructional hardware. Our desire is to make ROMB PVC windows and doors hardware available to people, by fixing affordable prices. Thus, besides a profile of undoubted quality, you will also have access to quality hardware at competitive prices. We believe that this we help the country population to inhabit a more comfortable living environment.

We can praise ourselves with an excellent organization of ROMB's assembly and invoicing processes. The high-quality service you will receive, when ordering hardware, is the result of a thorough knowledge of the ROMB catalogs, as well as, because of our constant contacts with the specialists of the producer company -ROMB.

The ROMB hardware is a window-and-door system of high quality, tested in time. The elements of the ROMB hardware are easily defined, because of their perfection in each detail, even the smallest components, which makes a strong impression, both for framework manufacturers and households, that have chosen ROMB hardware.

The ROMB hardware is equally easy to install, personally or by others help. Once, introduced to the ROMB hardware, the frame manufacturers quickly get used to it and place it on highest rang for the classification of construction hardware.

ROMB and VIVA PLAST have been successfully integrated into the of the PROFILES® program base for framework cutting and pricing. The great convenience for you, the frame manufacturers, is that you quickly and easily set the type of hardware, yet during the stage of drawing the doors or windows being offered, with VIVA PLAST. The ROMB elements are "attached" to the constructions, by openings sets, as per your wishes, and the details are displayed element by element.

This allows you to manage the final cost of the framework by removing or adding certain ROMB elements. The hardware orders are automatically displayed in an Excel spreadsheet, by codes, names, and quantities.

ROMB hardware- related questions are welcome in any VIVA PLAST center in the country.

The team of VIAS Ltd. wishes you to conquer new technological peaks with the ROMB hardware!

ROMB Commercial and Operational Manager:

0885 608400 – Milen Minchev, commercial representative at VIAS Ltd.

e-mail: trade.vias@vivaplast.net


ROTO central warehouse to VIAS Ltd:

The town of Shumen
68A Rishki prohod Blvd.
054 830837, ent.26 - Emil Ognyanov, Head of Warehouse
e-mail: obkovsklad@vivaplast.net

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