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In order to use PROFILES 10® with VIVA PLAST and ROMB database, as well as to get help when needed, you do not pay anything. In case you encounter any problems with the installation of PROFILES 10®, the team of Computer Consulting Group - the creator of PROFILES® shall install the program for you remotely. The only thing you need to do is to call 0878 625100 and claim that you want PROFILES 10® with VIVA PLAST and ROMB.

Detailed instructions for PROFILES 10® operation may be found in the program, already installed, by entering the Help menu and then, the User's Guide.

If you encounter more serious difficulties, when working with PROFILES 10®, you can call its creators, who can work with you in real time, from a distance. You only need to have an active INTERNET and CCG support program, which can be downloaded free of charge at any time from the following link: http://www.ccg-bg.com/web/guest/drivers

Before starting the already downloaded CCG support program, you need to contact the Consultants of Computer Consulting Group, by the phone listed above or Skype: ccg-bg and follow their instructions.

PROFILES® is a licensed product. On request, you can preview and print the License, from the Help menu - "About Profiles" - "License".

For questions about PROFILES 10®, as well as getting additional operation hours: phone: 054/989777, mobile: 0885 610429

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