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The VIAS manufacture site is equipped with eight new-generation extrusion lines.
We are first timers in Bulgaria using the most advanced matrices with special coating - the so-called "POWER TOOLS".

The VIVA Plast profile, manufactured by VIAS Ltd., was developed, designed and tested with the assistance of Engineers team from the German Institute in Rosenheim. The system meets the requirements of EN12608, developed by the European Committee to set norms for PVC Door and Window Systems. The profile is being manufactured by equipment , provided by the leading companies in this area - GREINER EXTRUSION and Krauss Maffei. The process is fully automated and the quality is guaranteed by quality control, fulfilled by specially developed GETU software at the Institute of GREINER EXTRUSION.

The functionality of the extruded profiles is largely dependent on the used raw materials and their proportion. The optimum formula for the production of VIVAPLAST profile systems was developed in a close cooperation with specialists of the Austrian company CHMESON Polymer Chemie. Thus, they meet the high quality and functionality requirements such as UV-resistance, perfect color, hardness and more. Based on our experience and the competence of our Austrian consultants, we continually improve our manufacturing technology.

The quality of the profile is being measured and monitored by an Ascona system device, preventing production of profiles of non-complying parameters. This control method does not allow the sale of any deformed or different in size profile, nor such of an uneven surface.

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