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Dear Clients and Friends,

Since June 2010, the latest version of the program for cutting and price-formation of framework - PROFILES 10® is here, to serve Your needs. The VIVA PLAST database is integrated in the program in a very detailed manner. What is more, we have integrated in detail all the elements of the ROMB hardware for PVC window, as VIAS Ltd. is its official importer. We are proud to announce that VIVA PLAST base with integrated ROMB hardware is the only one being that precise and complete in the scope of window hardware. The innovations introduced by PROFILES 10® is the opportunity to draw Venetian blinds and mosquito nets – both fixed and openable. This ensures an accurate pricing of Your customers' orders, based on the precise automatic calculation of the blinds and nets quadrature. In addition, your customers will be able to see the printouts of their offers, as well as the schemes of the framework structures, as well as the patterns of the blinds and mosquitos nets themselves. In PROFILES 10®, a new menu is also available, which sets the parameters for pricing of the frame. Now, any costs for an offer is displayed in a separate column of the table showing the total price. Net profit can be visualized as a specific value, immediately after the offer is drawn. There is an opportunity to print out the costs and profits in question on a separate EXCEL reference sheet.

There is also a separate standard for placing internal window-sills, that can be drawn at any time, after the integration of the offer in the program. Another new feature in PROFILES 10® is the possibility to visualize the foiled frame constructions in different colors on the desktop of your monitor and to print it in color, if you have a color printer.

By this and the above-mentioned developments, the designers of PROFILES 10® and we, VIAS Ltd., strive to increase the volume of the orders received by you, by improving the quality of the important moment of offering to the potential customers of the framework.

However, we keeppt all standard PROFILES® options that you are used to:
Easy and quick cutting out of standard VIVA PLAST constructions and vaulted and arc windows and doors. Calculations are made for the radiuses of arches and the exact angles of cutting out the profiles for non-rectangular constructions;

Detailed references are available for both, standard units, and such with angles, different than 90 °. Information for the glazing units radiuses is provided in a dedicated verification; the drawing of the door-windows is done in one drawing, but not separately for the door and the window. What's more, a frame with window wing and a frame with door wing (inwards and outwards opening) may be combined. Standards are set for drawing doors with a wing, besides the full frame below, and with an aluminum threshold, specially developed for VIVA PLAST;

References for the ROMB hardware may be visualized in breakdowns by elements for each window or as a summary inquiry by hardware codes and quantities for a given offer. They are very detailed, by elements, hardware for single-wing single-axle and double-axle windows; double-wing windows with latches and two-wing windows with passive martina; hung windows made of medium-located hinges and hung windows made with upper hinges; two-axis hardware for vaulted windows; one-sided hardware for chamfered wings. The most interesting thing about the work with the ROMB hardware is that you can choose the type of the lower hinges wing fold hinge (entering the hardware channel) or straight hinges (entering the nib of the wing). This allows you to manage your ROMB available stocks in warehouses, but also to directly influence the cost of the hardware sets, as per your wishes and those of Your the clients;

 Excellent optimization of the profiles cutting out. The program has an integrated warehouse module that “rotates” pieces of profiles and reinforcements, remaining from former orders and inserts them into the current order, and at the end adds the remaining pieces back to the warehouse. This entire operation is being done automatically. At the same time, you can optimize cutting out in pairs (two-piece cutting at once) as well as to order the profiles for orders of larger volumes as per specially optimized bars cutting, to a size, designated by You (for example ordering rods 4-chamber frame at 5.50 meters instead of the standard 6 meters). The profiles and reinforcement optimization can be printed out, on a sheet of paper or on a label printer. In the second case, your Employees in the workshop will begin to shape out the profiles and reinforcements, with rolls of labels in the hand that indicate the millimeters, for each piece of the order, and to which module of the particular order it belongs. Thus, the operation control is 100 % guaranteed for all required pieces, as well as on the remaining pieces. There is an option to include your two-blade circular saw to be controlled by the program;

The PROFILES® Attractive Option "Compare Offers". You have the option to offer your Client in a single document one and the same construction of frameworks calculated once with white and once with foiled profile, as well as once with 3-chamber and once with 4 or 5-chamber VIVA PLAST. The change of the non-foiled constructions with foiled ones, as well as the 3-chamber with 4 or 5-chamber, is being done without drawing anything new in a few seconds.

For framework manufacturers using the “Warehouse” module in the PROFILES ® program and wishing to switch from its older version 9 to the current version 10, will need to make an inventory of VIVA PLAST profiles and accessories, and then enter the amounts in the new 10th version. This is needed only for Companies that actually use the so-called “Warehouse” module and strictly monitor their inventory, ranging from the entire VIVA PLAST rods to the smallest usable profile pieces. Manufacturers who do not use the “Warehouse” module in question can directly start the program immediately after its installation.

PROFILES® has long established itself in Bulgaria and the Balkan countries as a reliable and convenient software. Both small and large companies are involved in the manufacturing of frame work via the PROFILES® program.

In order to use PROFILES 10® with VIVA PLAST and ROMB database, as well as to get help when needed, you do not pay anything. In case you encounter any problems with the installation of PROFILES 10®, the team of Computer Consulting Group - the creator of PROFILES® shall install the program for you remotely. The only thing you need to do is to call 0878 625100 and claim that you want PROFILES 10® with VIVA PLAST and ROMB. Detailed instructions for PROFILES 10® operation may be found in the program, already installed, by entering the Help menu and then, the User's Guide.

If you encounter more serious difficulties, when working with PROFILES 10®, you can call its creators, who can work with you in real time, from a distance. You only need to have an active INTERNET and CCG support program, which can be downloaded free of charge at any time from the following link:


Before starting the already downloaded CCG support program, you need to contact the Consultants of Computer Consulting Group, by the phone listed above or Skype: ccg-bg and follow their instructions.

PROFILES® is a licensed product. On request, you can preview and print the License, from the Help menu - "About Profiles" - "License".

For questions related to PROFILES 10®, as well as getting extra free operation hours, please call 054/830837, Int.: 26.

VIVA PLAST and ROMB for PROFILES® Database Responsible Person:
Emil Ognyanov, Sales Representative at VIAS LTD.
GSM: 0885 608400



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